The truth behind the argument ‘is a cheated online poker?


Since the advent of online poker there have been arguments on both parties claiming that online poker is reduced. While one party states that there is no truth to the creation of the poker site debate, the opposition claims that too many anomalies occur for sites not to be cheated.

For further understanding of the debate, this article will take behind the screen viewing software that controls many major online poker sites. Check deeper into what motivates the debate and effort to explain what really happened.


Online poker is different for most of the live poker only because the online card agreement is controlled by a modified software program, manipulated and changed by the programmer. In a direct game, the cards are shaken by humans and then discuss without any interference from any extraity. (Cheating restrictions, mechanics or people who set the deck) The card in the direct match ‘has been determined’ after the shuffle and cut is complete.

In Internet Poker, Shuffle is controlled by a random number generator (RNG) program, which uses a series of advanced protocols to simulate random random and cut. RNG, by all accounts, should ensure that the card cannot be predicted, that players cannot manipulate them and it will simulate true experiences.

In addition to RNG, internet poker sites also include controls that prevent fraud, collusion, and formulate various potential action hands to encourage poker qq online players to engage in the game. Some of these controls (or poker algorithms) are designed to specifically create an attractive atmosphere for players by producing blackboards.

Hand inducing action.

The hand that induces this action creates a majority of the constant beats and subsequent claims that online poker is reduced. When a player is a victim of what it seems to be a bad beats that are very impossible, they will definitely believe that online poker is cheated.

The fact that the poker site chooses to add any control, algorithm or other software outside the scope of the actual game will show that there is a potential that online poker is reduced. Changing or changing the fact and statistics of true life provide credibility in the fact that software creates unfair benefits for less low hands for purposes that drive actions among the players.

The reason behind cheating

Some claim that poker sites will not risk their profits to favored the game and because it will be stupid to do it. However, as witnessed in a good published cheating scandal involving several online poker sites, it is proven that online poker site operators are not so fast to solve or even admit when there is a problem.

The main purpose of each poker site is to generate profits. The point is the rake they set in game money and tournaments. Therefore, because the profit is easily a motivational factor, there are reasonable reasons to believe that the site might make a game for their own advantage. Especially because the supervisory body does not exist and therefore poker sites do not have to answer to higher authority.